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WenMoon has completed an independent Smart Contract audit and passed with flying colors. No rugs here. Click to read more.

WenMoon is becoming official by listing on it's first exchange to open up the market able and willing to trade WenMoon.

With a development team of three, the WenMoon team is hard at work building their first Dapp focused on smarter, safer crypto investing. The release of WenMoon backed Dapp should increase price stability and value of the WenMoon token.

WenMoon Quick Stats

Market Cap - $15.8m 0
Wallet Holders - 18,210 0
Current Price (USD) - $0.00002148 0
Tokens In Circulation - 750.9 Billion 0

(These stats are not real-time. To view real-time information, join our telegram group.)


WenMoon tokens are burnt every 100 new wallet holders, decreasing total supply and increasing your value.

Every WenMoon transaction is subject to a 15% fee. The tokens collected from the fee are then redistributed to existing wallet holders rewarding holders and disincentivizing quick trades.

No pre-sale. Liquidity tokens burnt. The devs had to buy into the token just as everyone else to create as fair and equitable launch as possible.

WenMoon Q2 Roadmap

The WenMoon team is pushing hard to grow the WenMoon Protocol like no coin before it! We've launched in early April, and are hustling to get our first exchange listing live with HotBit, be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and roll out the first version of our Dapp all within the first month! The remainder of the quarter will be focused on using the solid foundation we've built to rapidly scale and expand including building out the team, building new Dapps within the WenMoon universe, and further charitable contributions to our Astronaut Program!

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    WenMoon Protocol

    Helping others chase their moon via a high redistribution rate rewarding wallet holders, charitable donations for financial literacy, and a WenMoon powered Dapp enabling smarter, safer trading.



    The WenMoon team is now global,
    with the founding team located in the US.