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WenMoon is moving from speculative meme token to a formidable utility token with the aim to bring smarter more informed trading to the average crypto investor.

The Future of Smarter Investing

Solving Unsolved Problems with Technology

There is a lack of high utility tools to help token investors make smart and informed investing decisions. The BSC/ETH token space is rife with scams and unsolved problems, turning off investors, and giving crypto and tokens an understandably bad reputation.

Buying tokens is cumbersome for new entrants. It’s difficult to clearly and easily understand a contract’s tokenomics (which can have significant short and long-term ramifications). There’s no easy way to see your averaged buy in price on a project, or the value of the tokens you’re earning from reflection each day. There are countless new tokens launching daily with the developer/creators waiting for the right moment to pull liquidity and take your money.

WenMoon’s goal is to help you hit the moon through smarter, more intelligent trading. That is why we’ve set out to develop a suite of applications focused on solving some of the most pressing unsolved problems for investors trading in the ETH/BSC token ecosystem.

Dapp #1: Profits

Set to be released to the public at the end of May, Profits is a simple yet powerful utility that will answer some of the most basic yet critical questions investors face regarding their current holdings. Profits will answer questions such as, “what was my buy in price?”, “averaged buy in price?”, “how many tokens have I earned through redistribution and what is their value?”, and more all on a simple and intuitive interface. One of the best parts of the Profits tool is that it is completely anonymous and safe and does not require you to connect your actual wallet. This also allows you to look at performance metrics for other wallets as well. Later iterations of the Profits tool will allow you to calculate breakeven and various milestones (2X, etc.) while taking into a project’s tokenomics, view historical tokens and trades, and much more!


Dapp #2: XRay

The BSC/ETC token investing space is rife with scams, “rugs”, and overall bad actors. It can be difficult to discern the good players from the bad. The XRay utility will run a deep real-time analysis looking at the project’s contract, top wallet holders, and contract owner looking for signs of fraudulent behavior to help you avoid potential scams. More details will be released as this XRay tool nears release.

Premium Functionality – Growth Catalyst

The WenMoon suite of tools will offer expansive and meaningful functionality for free. Additionally, some functionality will require a user to hold specific levels of WenMoon tokens in their wallet to gain access. The goal of this model is to increase utility and adoption of the token, while simultaneously increasing the price floor and overall holdings of the WenMoon token by investors using the tokens for utility, not just trading. We think this will drive significant value to investors and help to rapidly accelerate project growth.

An entire suite of applications focused on helping investors make smarter decisions is on the way! There are a lot of unsolved problems and a lot of opportunity to equip investors with the tools and tactics they need to make better decisions. We’re hard at work building that infrastructure to help you get to the moon!